1. Could someone help me out and describe what sailing is and whats it is about from dingy sailing to yaucht sailing. Also what type of loactions they would be held in please and maybe the people sailing is aimed at.

    Many thanks.

    Answer by david
    Sailing it boating whereby the propulsion system is the wind acting on a boats sails. Before the invention of engines, this one of the most efficient means of propelling a boat, but most frequently today, people sail for pleasure. Sailboats can range from small dingies to large pleasure yachts to sleek racing boats. Dingy sailboats have a centerboard instead of a keel, tend to be fairly small and are used most on protected waters such as bays and inland lakes. Larger yachts are more commonly found on large bodies of water such as the ocean and Great Lakes and can be used for day sailing, racing or extended cruising. Since its a pleasure sport, people often select locations and times with appealing conditions. People are drawn to sailing under many different circumstances and for many different reasons. Some love the competition of racing. Some love the different pace and different cultures that cruising offers and some just love being out on the water any way they can.

    Sailboats can vary from the very affordable to incredibly expensive. One sailboat Ive owned is a 17-foot keel boat that I purchased for 2.5K, keep on a trailer and have barely spent any money on at all over 15 years of ownership.

  2. Hey there,
    I live in Southwest Missouri, and would like to get into sailing, but I need to know where to to start. I grew up deeply emerged in the powerboat community and have spent much of my life on the water, but not once in my life have I ever set foot aboard a sailboat. The problem is perplexed because I have recently become infatuated with the prospect of being able to sail as far across the world as your ambition desires. It started as a curiosity, grew to an interest, and is now becoming much more to me.
    From what I understand, there is a decent sailing community at nearby Stockton Lake, but I dont know anyone in the yacht club, and most yacht clubs are perceived in our culture as being pretentious. Is this true, can I work around it?
    How do you go about infiltrating the sailing culture, and is it even feasible to do so without owning a boat? Where should I get started, how do I meet people that will show me how to sail?

    Answer by werepoodle
    Find a sailing club or marina that offers sailing lessons and sign up. Once you learn the basics, the next step is usually to sign up as crew for the club races.

  3. I want to learn to sail and I hope to someday be pretty good at it.

    Do I have to be near the ocean to have lessons? Or are there ever lessons on the river?

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    And is it hard?
    Any information about sailing would help, thanks!

    Answer by Orion
    Any lake or large pond will do. There are sailing clubs and boat houses that will teach the basics. There are also a number of how to books. For adventure you can locate a sunfish, laser or similar and get started. What ever you do read the state requirements and safety requirements. Stay safe. Organizations such as US power squadron might know local sailing instructions.