I have been a welder for a long time. I have built railings, walkways, stairs, ladders and more for industrial use. Over the years I have watched the development of standards for everything from the type of metal that can be used for various applications down to the types of bolts that can be used to fasten things together. You might not think it important, but when your life depends on you being safe at elevation, you really want CE accredited fabrication certification on the safety equipment you are using.

In industrial applications you can have machines that are bigger than a small house. These machines need to be monitored, inspected and maintained. Installations of these machines come with safety ladders, bridges, catwalks and more that allow workers to get access to make repairs or adjustments. These access ways are never just an afterthought. They have to be well planned and built to last. The main thing is fall prevention when working at height. railings have to be a certain height, they have to have spacing between railings that are set according to rules, and they have to bear specific loads to protect workers from falls.

In Europe, the CE certification is necessary for these products to be sold. Each piece is custom fabricated for where it will be installed and for the purpose it will serve. Those ladders that have tubes around them to prevent worker falls all have to be constructed by people like me. I take my job seriously making sure every weld meets rigid tolerances for protecting the workers the fabrication is designed to serve. We never cut corners on materials of the manufacturing and finishing process. We know that we are protecting people not things. That helps you stay focused on what you are making every day you go to work.