Growing up as a millennial I’ve been immersed in a culture that is both obsessed and repulsed by the notion and act of sex. It’s ridiculous that we’re pushed and pulled around so often when it comes to having sex, especially as a man. We’ve been so demonized lately in mass media and in online forums like Reddit, Jezebel and even Slate just because of who we are and what our desires are. Combine that with all the porn that we’re exposed to instills an anxiety that leads to some men, like myself, buying products such as Prosolution due to the influence of porn. I’ve never seen myself as a small guy but when you compare yourself to the men found in porn, every guy is going to appear small next to them. This is why I bought this product to help me increase my size and the intensity of sex.

There’s a part of me that feels guilty for using it. I don’t know why; maybe it’s because I know there’s nothingwrong with me but there’s a part of me that feels like I need to be the best of the best, to look the best and to perform the best, in order to impress women. Is that so bad? It’s not as if women don’t want us to perform well and not being women ourselves, we don’t always know how to pleasure them in the most optimal and intense fashion. This often means that we have to take extra steps ourselves in order to ensure that our partners are as happy as can be. This also means that we have to have a lot of sex in order to learn what it means to pleasure a woman and how to do exactly that. Not all women are the same, either! It’s a lot of stress for guys.