1. I already have a Nite Finder, Recon and Raider. I have been thinking about getting a sniper and havent been able to decide between the Longshot and the Longstrike. I like the looks of the Longstrike but have heard the Longshot is better but its really a bit bulky too. Now theyve brought out the Stampede and I am wondering if I should get it instead. I cant decide! Please give me your opinion on these three awesome Nerf guns.

    Answer by A
    the stampede is good but its not a sniper. if you want a sniper i would get a longshot it can shoot much further than longstrike. if you mod them the longstike has much less potential than longshot for modding. if you want looks, then you could take the longstrike.

  2. Which one is better for jumping, speed and driving on grass, sand and dirt?

    Answer by I troll you
    Stampede because of ground clearance.

  3. Okay well I know no one can tell me, and Ill just have to do it and find out for myself. But I just want your own personal experience on this. Me and my husband are going to Dixie Stampede and we are wanting to take our two year old, but we are terrified it is gonna be a waste of money. We have never been, so is it very interesting, like can you see the arena good enough to see the animals and stuff?

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    btw was it intertaining also for your two year old, i know how hard it is for a toddler to sit down and actural watch something. Is it super loud?

    Answer by Olunde
    Ive never been to a dixie stampede, or really know what it is, but when my son was just shy of two years old, my mom got us tickets to the circus. It was in an arena, and he could see the animals and acrobats just fine. In fact, he loved it! so, your two year old might handle it just fine.