Last summer, I was hanging around the house and my parents thought that I should get some kind of hobby to pass the time. I told them that I watched television and played video games, but they didn’t consider those to be legitimate hobbies. They decided to look in the phone book and pick something at random for me. This sounded like a bad idea, considering they could have picked something like ballet. They chose one of the horse racing syndicates in the area and decided that I would learn how to ride a horse. I tried to talk them out of it, telling them how much it would cost, but they didn’t mind paying for it.

My parents dropped me off at the syndicate, and there were horses everywhere. I had only seen horses up close a few times when I went to an animal farm as a younger kid. I rode on one for a few seconds, and fed one a carrot, but beyond that, I had no other interaction with them. The owner of the syndicate introduced herself to me and helped me pick out a horse to start riding. The horses were a lot gentler than I thought they would be with someone so inexperienced.

I had a trainer work with me to teach me how to properly ride on the horse at faster speeds. When I started, I was trotting around on the horse just like I was back at the animal farm. After some time, we were moving like those horses you see in the old western movies. The horse could jump over hurdles and even do a few tricks like standing on its hind legs. My progress with the horse was so impressive that the syndicate owner thought I would be able to win the triple crown some day.