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Welding Custom Safety Equipment to Gain a CE Accredited Fabrication Certification

I have been a welder for a long time. I have built railings, walkways, stairs, ladders and more for industrial use. Over the years I have watched the development of standards for everything from the type of metal that can be used for various applications down to the types of bolts that can be used to fasten things together. You might not think it important, but when your life depends on you being safe at elevation, you really want CE accredited fabrication certification on the safety equipment you are using.

In industrial applications you can have machines that are bigger than a small house. These machines need to be monitored, inspected and maintained. Installations of these machines come with safety ladders, bridges, catwalks and more that allow workers to get access to make repairs or adjustments. These access ways are never just an afterthought. They have to be well planned and built to last. The main thing is fall prevention when working at height. railings have to be a certain height, they have to have spacing between railings that are set according to rules, and they have to bear specific loads to protect workers from falls.

In Europe, the CE certification is necessary for these products to be sold. Each piece is custom fabricated for where it will be installed and for the purpose it will serve. Those ladders that have tubes around them to prevent worker falls all have to be constructed by people like me. I take my job seriously making sure every weld meets rigid tolerances for protecting the workers the fabrication is designed to serve. We never cut corners on materials of the manufacturing and finishing process. We know that we are protecting people not things. That helps you stay focused on what you are making every day you go to work.

Horse Racing As a Hobby

Last summer, I was hanging around the house and my parents thought that I should get some kind of hobby to pass the time. I told them that I watched television and played video games, but they didn’t consider those to be legitimate hobbies. They decided to look in the phone book and pick something at random for me. This sounded like a bad idea, considering they could have picked something like ballet. They chose one of the horse racing syndicates in the area and decided that I would learn how to ride a horse. I tried to talk them out of it, telling them how much it would cost, but they didn’t mind paying for it.

My parents dropped me off at the syndicate, and there were horses everywhere. I had only seen horses up close a few times when I went to an animal farm as a younger kid. I rode on one for a few seconds, and fed one a carrot, but beyond that, I had no other interaction with them. The owner of the syndicate introduced herself to me and helped me pick out a horse to start riding. The horses were a lot gentler than I thought they would be with someone so inexperienced.

I had a trainer work with me to teach me how to properly ride on the horse at faster speeds. When I started, I was trotting around on the horse just like I was back at the animal farm. After some time, we were moving like those horses you see in the old western movies. The horse could jump over hurdles and even do a few tricks like standing on its hind legs. My progress with the horse was so impressive that the syndicate owner thought I would be able to win the triple crown some day.

The Stress of Having to Perform Well

Growing up as a millennial I’ve been immersed in a culture that is both obsessed and repulsed by the notion and act of sex. It’s ridiculous that we’re pushed and pulled around so often when it comes to having sex, especially as a man. We’ve been so demonized lately in mass media and in online forums like Reddit, Jezebel and even Slate just because of who we are and what our desires are. Combine that with all the porn that we’re exposed to instills an anxiety that leads to some men, like myself, buying products such as Prosolution due to the influence of porn. I’ve never seen myself as a small guy but when you compare yourself to the men found in porn, every guy is going to appear small next to them. This is why I bought this product to help me increase my size and the intensity of sex.

There’s a part of me that feels guilty for using it. I don’t know why; maybe it’s because I know there’s nothingwrong with me but there’s a part of me that feels like I need to be the best of the best, to look the best and to perform the best, in order to impress women. Is that so bad? It’s not as if women don’t want us to perform well and not being women ourselves, we don’t always know how to pleasure them in the most optimal and intense fashion. This often means that we have to take extra steps ourselves in order to ensure that our partners are as happy as can be. This also means that we have to have a lot of sex in order to learn what it means to pleasure a woman and how to do exactly that. Not all women are the same, either! It’s a lot of stress for guys.

Shakeology for Meal Replacement and Better Health

My eating habits are pretty awful at the moment, and I am trying to figure out a way to avoid junk food. I need to stop going to the grocery store, because even when I go to the grocery store with the agenda of buying healthy food, I end up seeing junk food and putting some of it in the cart. I am reading this comprehensive Shakeology review right now to see if Shakeology is going to be a good way for me to start to lose some weight and replace some of the meals that I eat, which would probably end up being unhealthy, with a more healthy alternative.

I wish that I could just cut junk food out of my life completely, and maybe I can do that. It is not clear at the moment how much success I will have with cutting junk food out of my life. There are so many different types of junk food that it is hard for me to eliminate them all. I feel that the problem is more cultural every day. It seems like there is more junk food in the grocery store these days than there is real food. It makes it a lot harder for someone to just buy stuff and make it, without having to eat processed food and all of that stuff.

I don’t know, maybe there are grocery stores out there that do not have so much processed food and junk food in them. I know you could always go to a farmer’s market instead, if you wanted to. But there isn’t one of those around here, and so I guess I am just going to try this shake thing to see how it works for replacing meals that I would probably eat junk with something else.

They Created a Great Video for Us

When my boss told me he wanted a new video made for the homepage of our website, I told him that we should get Big 3 to do it. Though we had never had any work done by them before, I was quite familiar with their work because of the company that my brother owns. He has used Big 3 to create all of their videos, and they have all been well received by the community. I went to Big 3’s website to gather more information on them, and I was actually able to watch some more videos that they have created.

I knew they were good because of seeing my brother’s videos that they had done, but seeing even more for different companies made me realize that we should have been having them make videos for us for a long while now. What really impressed me the most is how they can mix animation in with their videos. My brother’s videos have always been on the more serious side, but my boss wanted some humor tossed in with ours. Having animation in with actual people seemed like a really great way to make that happen.

When I first contacted Big 3 with some of the ideas that we had, I was surprised that they were so forthcoming with some suggestions of their own. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciated it. I just was not used to companies tossing in their own opinions and saying they are probably better than ours, but I had to agree with them after hearing everything. After we told them everything we wanted in the video, it did not take them long to create it. We didn’t even need to have anything edited, because the first draft was perfect for what we wanted. We will definitely have more videos created by them in the future.

A Human Quarter Pounder with Cheese

Have you ever woken up with a slavering wild, red-eyed rat sitting on your chest in the middle of the night giving you the kind of look you might give a Quarter Pounder with cheese? If you haven’t, good for you! You probably don’t have a pest control in NYC problem like we do. You might think that the stories of cat sized rats are just that; stories. Some might be blown our proportion but the rat sitting on me that night was certainly not a rat blown out of proportion and I’m fairly certain that had I not woken up it would have been more than happy to start chowing down.

I can’t recall another time in my life where I might have been looked at as something that could potentially become food but it was enough to bring me bucking awake in a psychotic frenzy sending the rat flying through the room and right into the wall across from the bed. I didn’t sleep the rest of the night, not with the knowledge that my apartment was clearly home to some sort of nest to the red-eyed demons that scuttle through our walls and sewers. No way was I even going to attempt to hit the sack after that.

Rats are a common enough problem when you have enough humans living together. All of our food and even our wastes is practically an all you can eat buffet for the rat. They’re right at home living in the dark corners of human civilization; spilling out from the cracks of our infrastructure to snatch away our crumbs. It’s one thing to see them on the street but it’s another completely different experience to have them brazenly invading our apartments, especially my bed! It’s not as if I bring food into bed with me.