When my boss told me he wanted a new video made for the homepage of our website, I told him that we should get Big 3 to do it. Though we had never had any work done by them before, I was quite familiar with their work because of the company that my brother owns. He has used Big 3 to create all of their videos, and they have all been well received by the community. I went to Big 3’s website to gather more information on them, and I was actually able to watch some more videos that they have created.

I knew they were good because of seeing my brother’s videos that they had done, but seeing even more for different companies made me realize that we should have been having them make videos for us for a long while now. What really impressed me the most is how they can mix animation in with their videos. My brother’s videos have always been on the more serious side, but my boss wanted some humor tossed in with ours. Having animation in with actual people seemed like a really great way to make that happen.

When I first contacted Big 3 with some of the ideas that we had, I was surprised that they were so forthcoming with some suggestions of their own. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciated it. I just was not used to companies tossing in their own opinions and saying they are probably better than ours, but I had to agree with them after hearing everything. After we told them everything we wanted in the video, it did not take them long to create it. We didn’t even need to have anything edited, because the first draft was perfect for what we wanted. We will definitely have more videos created by them in the future.