Finding an office for rent in Singapore has been more difficult than my partner and I had envisioned. We had set up an arrangement to have one ready for us when we arrived, with money being promised upon arrival in order to reflect the most recent currency exchange rates, but when we sought it out it was nowhere to be found. I count ourselves lucky that we didn’t lose any money but it left us without a place to work, forcing us to make do with nothing but our own personal living spaces which were small enough as is!

Still. I knew there was going to be issues for a couple of American guys coming over to a foreign country in hopes of finding success and business. No matter where you are in life, there’s going to be a challenge, and some places are simply going to be more challenging than others. Singapore is going to be the place that defines this business model or it’s going to be the city which breaks it for us to pick up the pieces and try again. Failure, I am hoping, is less of a chance than success but it may not work out that way.

Despite the hiccups to get us off the ground, I have faith that we are going to be able to do what is necessary to find success. With one investor already backing both of our projects along with us finally finding the office space we need to work well in, I am positive of our success. It might not be as grand as I hoped it to be but any profit is something to be proud of in the first year of operation. The goal is just to make it the best year as possible despite the hurdles.