Women Friendly Store - Dury's Gun ShopWhen there was a fire at our office building, all of the business tenants were told that it was too unsafe to continue to use the building. It would need to be demolished, and that meant that we needed to find new office space immediately. That didn’t turn out to be an easy task though. I decided that we could work out of our homes for the immediate future, but that meant I had to find adequate self storage in singapore that was centrally located for the four of us who would need to have regular access to our files.

I knew that this would probably only last about a month or so, but it was still necessary because I knew none of us wanted to keep the files and other resources at our own residences. I am a firm believer in separating work and business, so it was hard enough knowing that my home space was going to be my work space as well. I didn’t want to have a revolving door though where the others were coming in every day to get files they needed.